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Globat Nightmare – Part 3

Yes, it’s that time again.  It’s hard to believe that one company could screw things up so badly, but it’s true.  After telling me that I’ve been taken off their opt-out promotional list, once again, I get this email in my inbox.

On Monday of this week, we sent you an e-mail with our exciting new TeraByte Ultra(tm) Web hosting package upgrade that also included 3 free months of Web hosting all for just $49.95. There is nothing you have to do to participate in this upgrade. It is all being done automatically! You will receive notification once you have the new and improved TeraByte Ultra and your account on file is charged the one-time $49.95 upgrade fee. To see all the details about this great new package, please click here. (If the link doesn’t work, please copy and paste http://www.globat.com/learnmore.htm into your browser.)

If, by any chance, you have decided NOT to take advantage of this upgrade offer and the 3 free months of Web hosting, please click on the link below before midnight on October 24, 2007:

https://www.globat.com/optout.php?[actual link redacted] (If link does not work, please copy entire link into your browser)

Thank you again for being a loyal customer.

Best regards,

Edward Gaa
VP of Sales and Marketing
(877) 245-6228 for US Customers
(323) 874-9000 for International Customers

It’s just amazing how bad this company is run.  Like the last time, I didn’t get any email on “Monday,” about their opt-out offer.  When I first got this email, I clicked on the “learnmore” link and got a 404 error.  Later, they did put that info up.  Once again, it’s more bandwidth and disk space that I don’t need since I use about 3% of my space on this account.  Imagine if I somehow didn’t get this opt-out email and had been charged $49.95 for the upgrade.  What a rip-off this sleazy company is.

If anybody is even thinking about signing up with this company, run away as fast as you can.  Save yourself.  It’s too late for me, I’ve already pre-paid for a year.

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