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Globat Nightmare – Part 4

They finally did it.

After complaints, emails, and calls telling this company that I want to be taken off their opt-out list, they finally automatically upgraded me to a hosting account that I don’t want or need, and charged my credit card $49.95.

In case you missed my previous complaints, see nightmare part 3.

Edward from globat had previously contacted me via email regarding this blog and offered to take me out for a drink to talk about it.  I declined but I guess I should have taken him up on it if that’s what it takes to save myself $49.95.

I love the way this email starts.  “Congratulation!”  Yeah.  More like congratulation to globat for stealing $49.95 from me.  And the closing: “We appreciate your business.”  What a joke.

Even after the last time they tried this, I was still willing to give them another chance and keep my account.  But this is clearly the last straw.  It will be a pain in the ass to move my account but I’m not going to take this sitting down.  Bye globat.

Congratulation! As per our previous notices, today we have upgraded your hosting account for [domain redacted] to the new TeraByte Ultra Plus(tm) plan and processed your invoice 3860032 in the amount of $49.95 through your credit card account on file.

You now have the best Web hosting package we’ve ever offered! You have also qualified to receive three free months of Web hosting. To claim your free months please go to:

https://order.globat.com/newOrder/nop_givemonth.pl?m=[actual link redacted]

and enter the following coupon code


into the field provided. Then hit the “Add My Free Months” button. Upon completion of this step, your free months will automatically be added to your current account renewal date and you can view your next renewal date at:


or view your receipt for this transaction at:


using your GCC (Globat Command Console) username and password.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this transaction, please contact us at anytime by e-mail at tsupgrade1@globat.com or call us between the hours of 7:00am and 5:30pm PST at

(323) 874-9000 Option #2

We appreciate your business.


Edward Gaa
VP of Sales and Marketing
(323) 874-9000 Option #2

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