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Get Free Bitcoin By Using Venmo Credit Card

You may have heard about Paypal’s Venmo credit card offering. But did you know that you can get Bitcoin and other crypto as cash back from your purchases? Yes, you can. And I do. To get started, first open a ...

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El Pollo Loco Delivers By Drone

I got a notification on my phone letting me know that El Pollo Loco will start delivering by drone. Apparently, it is only in very specific areas of Los Angeles so I may not qualify. If you want to find ...

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Chase Adds Cardless ATMs Too

Interestingly, just as Bank of America finally rolls out their 2 year old cardless ATMs, Chase rolls out their version as well. Sorry Chase. I just switched my default account to Bank of America. You should have told me to hold ...

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Bank of America Updates ATMs With Cardless Access

Bank of America has leap frogged over Chase Bank with their updaded ATMs that allow the consumer to use their smartphone to access their money. Even before Chase had this feature, BofA had what looked like an updated ATM that ...

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Redbox Sells Digital Codes For Download

You may already know that Redbox has automated kiosks at 7-11 and inside Ralphs where you can rent DVDs and Blu-Ray movies and games. It’s not as convenient as simply streaming from iTunes or any of the other services available, ...

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Pickup Your Amazon Purchase Instantly

In case you felt Amazon wasn’t doing enough to make your life easier, now comes Amazon “Instant Pickup.” Basically, it’s a brick and mortar Amazon location, like this one in Westwood near UCLA, where you can pick-up specific items in ...

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Guitar Center Online Ordering Epic Fail

With Amazon kicking the ass of every brick and mortar retailer, you’d think that these retailers would fight back to stay alive. Some, like Best Buy have done just that. Other like Toys-R-Us, not so much. Yesterday, I needed a ...

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No Credit Card? No Problem With Amazon Cash

If you want to buy from Amazon, you need a credit card to pay for your purchase. Not any more. Now, you can go to Amazon Cash, and get a barcode (see left screen image), then take that to one ...

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AT&T Store of the Future Opens in Westwood

For about a year now, AT&T has been opening very large retail outlets called “Store of the Future.” They have now opened one of these in Westwood near UCLA. Apparently, this is AT&T’s idea of competing with Verizon and has ...

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