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Programming examples, tips & tricks for HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and any other languages that I decide to use.

How To Re-Activate Localhost on Windows 10

Here’s a quick way to setup your “Localhost” on Windows 10 when using EasyPHP. First, search for “control panel” in the Windows search panel. Click on “Control Panel” as shown below. Next click on “Programs” from the Control Panel, as ...

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PhotoSwipe Adds Photo Gallery For Free

Have you ever had a project that required a nice photo gallery display for multi-platforms including mobile phones? Well, you are in luck. Take a look at Photoswipe.com. Did I mention it allows you to browser the pictures by swiping ...

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Proper Website Setup For Facebook Links

While discussion viral marketing with a friend of mine, she asked me how Facebook picked the thumbnails of the website when links are entered. I didn’t know the answer but with some quick searching, I found Facebook’s page to see ...

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Toyota Survey Fail

After I bought my Prius c, I got an email asking me to take a survey online. Normally, I don’t like to take surveys but since I had a good experience, I decided to take the time to fill it ...

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Mobigamedepot.com Opens

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a reduction of posts here. The reason for this has been that I’ve been working on Palm WebOS games and a corresponding website mobigamedepot.com. This new website will be the portal for ...

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Splashscreen WordPress Plugin Version 0.30

Since the last release of my WordPress plugin Splashscreen version 0.20, there’s been many requests for new features. You may also want to read the original post for version 0.10 for completeness.  One of the most requested feature was to ...

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