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Chase Adds Cardless ATMs Too

Interestingly, just as Bank of America finally rolls out their 2 year old cardless ATMs, Chase rolls out their version as well. Sorry Chase. I just switched ...

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Lime-S Scooter Payments Work Like Paypal

It appears the war of the scooters is still going on as Bird is kicked out of Santa Monica, which is causing it to flee to ...

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Bank of America Updates ATMs With Cardless Access

Bank of America has leap frogged over Chase Bank with their updaded ATMs that allow the consumer to use their smartphone to access their money. Even ...

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Baseus Wireless Car Charger Review

Do you have a wireless charger at home for your smartphone but have to plug it into a cable in your car? If you answered yes, ...

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Ring Intros Door View Cam

Ring is best known for their doorbell camera, promoted on “Shark Tank,” and now owned by Amazon. Now they are ready to introduce a door camera ...

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Add Fun Skills to Your Amazon Alexa

Now that you’ve bought one of Amazon’s Alexa enabled devices, what else can you do with it? How about training it what to say when you ...

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Wemo WiFi Smart Plug Quick Review

During the holidays, Amazon had a sale on Wemo Smart Plugs for $19.99 so I decided to buy a few of them. They are still on ...

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Wireless Security EufyCam With 1 Year Battery Life

My old Logitech Alert system has been discontinued for years and their new system costs $18 per month for 5 cameras for the same features. Everyone ...

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Eating & Drinking

Amazon Restaurants Competes With Postmates

As if Amazon wasn’t already trying to take over the world, now it’s going after the food delivery market that Postmates, Doordash and Grubhub are all ...

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Sake Dojo Restaurant Soft Opening Impressions

If you are into sake, this is clearly the place for you. I’m not a sake drinker but as the name implies, this place has a ...

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Shikibu Brown Rice Sushi Quick Review

When people use the phrases “Mom & Pop” and “hole-in-the-wall” when describing restaurants, they are exaggerating. Well, not in this case. On the outside, this place ...

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Nobu Las Vegas Caesars Palace Quick Review

In it’s quest for world domination, the Nobu restaurant chain is expanding at a rapid pace and is at all the trendy places. I’ve tried the ...

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Internet & Computers

How To Read iCloud Email on Windows 10

If you’re like me, you use Windows 10 on your desktop and laptop, and your phone is an Android Samsung. However, you also have an Apple ...

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How To Fix Outlook Loading Profile Hanging

When I tried to install the iCloud app for Windows 10, it caused my Outlook to hang when loading the initial startup with a message that ...

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Know What Mail Is Coming Soon Via USPS Informed Delivery Service

Most people know that you can track your packages on the USPS website. But did you know that you can see what regular mail is coming ...

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Godaddy Disappoints With Questionable Service

Let me start by saying that I’ve had multiple accounts with Godaddy for over a decade and have been happy with the service for the most ...

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Grand Theft Auto V For PS4 & XBox One Coming Soon

Rockstar’s GTA 5 was released back in September 2013 for the PS3/XBox 360. On November 18, they will release an updated version of the same game ...

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Sony Playstation 4 Initial Impressions

Since I pre-ordered the PS4 from Best Buy, I picked it up on November 16, as soon as it came out. So why did I wait ...

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Sony Playstation PS4 Sneak Peek

After hearing that the release date for Watch Dogs had been pushed back, I decided that I needed to take a look at the PS4 and ...

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Grand Theft Auto Online Launches October 1

While preparing to launch Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games announced that they will simultaneously release a MMO-ish online version of the game that will allow ...

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