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Samsung Galasxy S6 edge bottom

Samsung Galaxy S6 on Sprint Firmware Update

On August 24, 2015, Sprint pushed out a new update to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (version G925PVPU2BOH1). Here is the official list of updates from Sprint: ...

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Samsung Galasxy S6 edge bottom

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Review – Part 2: Setup

After changing my mind, I pre-ordered my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and picked it up from Best Buy on April 10th. Unfortunately, my first S6 broke ...

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sprint direct 2 you

Sprint Direct 2 You For Busy or Lazy People

Sprint has just started a new program called Sprint Direct 2 You that will have a live representative come to your home, work, or anywhere, and ...

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Samsung Galasxy S6 edge bottom

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Review – Part 1: Vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

Before I start on the S6 review, the first thing you need to do is decide if you want to upgrade from your Samsung Galaxy S5 ...

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peeple door

Peeple Is Caller ID For Your Door

In my quest to connect everything to the Internet, I found a crowdfunded device called Peeple that will attach to your existing peephole and send notifications ...

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withings bp plus logo

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Back in 2013, I did a search for the best Wireless Blood Pressure (BP) monitor on the market and decided on the Blipcare. Unfortunately, I was ...

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Tado Smart AC Control Review

Back in 2013, I tried to buy a Friedrich WiFi Air Conditioner and failed to find one. Then in 2014, Tado announced they were Kickstarting a ...

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OBiTALK Provides Free Phone Service Via Google Voice

Back in 2008, I reviewed the original Ooma Hub, which provided me with free VOIP home service. However, Ooma’s new service is no longer free, and ...

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Eating & Drinking


Shunji Japanese Restaurant Quick Review

In my constant search for new and better sushi, we decided to try Shunji on Pico in West LA, just a few blocks from Mori Sushi. ...

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hiko sushi ext

Hiko Sushi Review

A friend of mine told me to go checkout Hiko Sushi located a few blocks south of Sawtelle Japantown. But she warned me about some of ...

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KazuNori Hand Roll Bar Adds New Items

Last summer, I became a regular of the KazuNori Hand Roll bar in downtown Los Angeles (full review). Recently, they added 2 new items, which are ...

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sasabune ext

Sasabune Sushi Review

After pretty much being stuck on Sugarfish for 3 years or so, I decided that it was time to find another upscale sushi restaurant. But being ...

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Internet & Computers


Google Maps Sends Destination Info To Your Smartphone

Google has finally added a “Send to device” link from your desktop google maps (see below) so that you can get the information on your smartphone. ...

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Sound Blaster Play! 2 USB Sound Card Review

When I got my HP 17t laptop, it was running Windows 8.1 and my old driver for my Xitel Mp3 Streamer no longer worked. So I upgraded to ...

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How To See Your Google History

Have you ever watched a crime related TV show where the detectives find incriminating searches on the perps laptop? It’s usually some google search about specific ...

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logitech m525

Logitech Wireless Mouse M525 Review

Back in 2008, I got my Toshiba Qosmio Laptop and upgraded my mouse to the Logitech V540 mouse. Since then, I’ve upgraded my laptop three times (my ...

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Grand Theft Auto V For PS4 & XBox One Coming Soon

Rockstar’s GTA 5 was released back in September 2013 for the PS3/XBox 360. On November 18, they will release an updated version of the same game ...

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Sony Playstation 4 Initial Impressions

Since I pre-ordered the PS4 from Best Buy, I picked it up on November 16, as soon as it came out. So why did I wait ...

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Sony Playstation PS4 Sneak Peek

After hearing that the release date for Watch Dogs had been pushed back, I decided that I needed to take a look at the PS4 and ...

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Grand Theft Auto Online Launches October 1

While preparing to launch Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games announced that they will simultaneously release a MMO-ish online version of the game that will allow ...

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