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What I Love & Hate About The Samsung Galaxy S5

Back in April, I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S5 without knowing much about it. It’s been a few months and now it’s time to evaluate the ...

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freedompop sign

FreedomPop Offers iPad Mini

FreedomPop has previously offered hotspot free Internet, and even a smartphone with free Internet. Now, they are offering an iPad Mini for $319.99. But be careful ...

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Pressy Android Button Review

After sponsoring the Kickstarter Pressy Android Button back in September of last year, I finally got my Pressy in the mail. I came directly from China ...

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How To Travel With Only a Smartphone

It’s been 2 years since I’ve gone anywhere on an airplane. I wanted to find out what the current state of tech was when traveling by ...

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find your car

Find Your Car Kiosk at Santa Monica Mall Parking

It’s been a long time since I’ve been at the Santa Monica Place mall. Everything looked upscale, new, and expensive. One thing I noticed as soon ...

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GE Link LED Light Controled by Smartphone

In order to compete with Philips 431643 Hue Personal Wireless Lighting, GE has decided to get in on the smartphone controlled lighting wave. According to the ...

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Auto Follow Drone By AirDog

There seems to be a lot of quad prop drones coming on the market and AirDog has launched yet another one on Kickstarter for $1,195. For ...

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Breathometer Smartphone Breathalyzer Review

You are drinking at a bar with friends. When it’s time to leave, you wonder if your friend has had too much to drink. Wouldn’t it ...

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Eating & Drinking


Kimukatsu Restaurant Quick Review – Part 2

On my last trip here, I tried their signature Tonkatsu dish, which was excellent but somewhat expensive for Tonkatsu. Once again, I found myself in the ...

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Chilly Ribbons Shaved Ice in Westwood Review

Previously, I reviewed Blockheads, which is a “snow cream” shaved-ice joint on Sawtelle. In case you don’t know what this is, they thinly shave a block ...

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Morinoya Japanese Restaurant Mini Review – Part 5

Last time in part 4, I tried their Sashimi dinner set, so this time I decided to try their small “Omakase” for $45. Above, you can ...

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Kimukatsu Restaurant Quick Review

A few months ago, the location that was the old Blue Marlin restaurant finally opened as a new Kimukatsu upscale Tonkatsu restaurant. The entire restaurant has ...

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Internet & Computers

google wallet card big

Google Intros Google Wallet Card

Not wanting to have their customers left out at retail stores that do not accept the Google Wallet NFC powered smartphone app, Google has now introduced ...

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How To Speed Up Firefox Browser

Recently, my Firefox browser was acting very sluggish and I was considering uninstalling and re-installing it. However, I found out that you can reset Firefox without ...

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MasterPass Challenges Paypal

Many companies are trying to one-up each other over virtual payment systems, with Paypal, Google Wallet, and everybody else trying to shove their way in. It’s ...

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belly 711

Belly Loyalty Rewards Come to 7-11

Belly is yet another new loyalty rewards program that works on your smartphone via an app on iOS and Android. This allows the participating business to ...

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Sony Playstation 4 Initial Impressions

Since I pre-ordered the PS4 from Best Buy, I picked it up on November 16, as soon as it came out. So why did I wait ...

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Sony Playstation PS4 Sneak Peek

After hearing that the release date for Watch Dogs had been pushed back, I decided that I needed to take a look at the PS4 and ...

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Grand Theft Auto Online Launches October 1

While preparing to launch Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games announced that they will simultaneously release a MMO-ish online version of the game that will allow ...

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Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Video

Rockstar Games just released their video showing real game play from Grand Theft Auto V, coming out in September. This edition takes place in Southern California ...

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