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Anything that you can wear that’s cool, especially if it has to do with playing poker.

Corset Turns More Transparent With Internet Use

Art, fashion, and tech merged when Xuedi Chen created x.pose, a “corset” or wearable art piece that becomes partially transparent as the wearer uses their smartphone to access data from the Internet. In other words, the more privacy you lose ...

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Quad Queens Poker Backpack Cushion Review

While playing at a tournament at the Bicycle Casino, I noticed the lady sitting next to me had an interesting looking cushion on her chair. When asked, she promptly told me that she is the co-owner of Quad Queens Inc, ...

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Acronym Brings Tech to Clothing

In the dystopian movie “Blade Runner,” Los Angelenos in 2019 wear techie coats that repel radioactive rain. Well, 2019 is only 7 years away and according to Enviroreporter.com, radioactive rain from the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster has already arrived. ...

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Royal Poker Eyewear Review

As you may know, I’ve been hunting for the best poker eyewear for years. My first one was the Poker Armor brand which I bought back at the 2010 WSOP. Next, I tried the Blue Shark Optics, which I really ...

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Betabrand Executive Hoodie Review

Tired of wearing your worn out hoodie out on a date? Want to look professional at work but don’t want to look stuffy in a suit jacket? Betabrand has the perfect solution for you with this Executive Hoodie. Yes, they ...

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Blue Shark Poker Bifocal Sunglasses Mini Review

While playing in the LAPC at Commerce, I lost my Blue Shark sunglasses so I ordered a new one from their website. This time, I ordered the bifocal version ($169) since I’m getting old and I need reading glasses. The ...

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Keyboard Purse

There was a girl with a strange looking purse so I tried to get a picture of it really fast. As you can see, I wasn’t able to get a full picture because I was doing it quickly. Looking at ...

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Scotte Vest Hoodie For Poker

It’s almost time for the 2010 World Series of Poker. That means it’s time to update my tournament outfits. There was an ad in Bluff Magazine from Scotte Vest for a hoodie with a lot of pockets. It’s normally $70 ...

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Cochino Shirt

My friend Sam gave me this shirt for Christmas.

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