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Free Napster from Best Buy

Perhaps I’m the last person on the Internet to realize that Napster was bought by Best Buy back in 2008. I thought they went out of business back then but apparently, it’s been slowly building their new business. Gone are ...

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Best Buy at Vegas Airport

People are pretty used to a lot of vending machines, including the Redbox that rents out DVDs.  A new one I saw at the Las Vegas airport was a Best Buy vending machine chock full of nice gadgets, including iPhones, ...

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How to Hack Best Buy’s Inventory Bug

As you may know, I downgraded to the LG EnV2 because I hated the touchscreen on the Voyager. In any case, the headphone jack on the EnV2 (and probably all LG) is 2.5mm, and not the 3.5mm for normal headsets.  ...

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