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Bird Two E-Scooters Version 2.0

For those people that thought that the e-scooters, like Bird, were sort of flimsy and fragile, meet the new Bird Two. As you can see, the neck is thicker and the bottom is much larger and heftier. Also, the new ...

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Spin Scooter For Free

If it wasn’t already an incredibly crowded market for e-scooters, one more has decided to enter the Los Angeles market from San Francisco. The only small difference is, this one was bought by Ford Motor Company. As far as I ...

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Lyft Joins E-Scooter War

Of course, with Uber buying Jump, it was only a matter of time before Lyft joined the e-scooter war, along with everybody else and their brothers. Unlike Bird and Lime, Jump and Lyft combine their e-scooter/e-bike apps with their ride ...

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Uber Jump E-Bike Review

The proliferation of E-scooters has been astonishing in Los Angeles. Now, that those are getting to be old news, it seems E-Bikes are the new hot spot. Of course, Uber is in this market with their Uber Jump E-Bikes. Just ...

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Wheels E-Bike Rolls Out In LA

E-Scooter companies seem to be exploding with the likes of Uber Jump, Lyft, Lime and Bird all trying to get your last mile rides. Now comes something slightly different from a company in West Hollywood started by the people from ...

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Uber Jumps Into E-Scooters

Just 8 months ago, I wondered if Bird was the new Uber. Well, Uber has now launched their own e-scooter competitor called Jump. But don’t go “jumping” into it yet. It’s only available in the West Side of Los Angeles ...

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Lime-S Scooter Vs. Bird Scooter. Fight!

It didn’t take very long for a competitor to challenge the Bird Scooter. Lime-S has entered the ring and is ready for a fight. Lime-S is operated by Lime Bike, which rents out bicycles to commuters. Lime-S’s service works almost exactly ...

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Is Bird Scooter The New Uber?

If you live or work in Santa Monica or Westwood, you have probably seen these Bird Scooters “parked” in the middle of the sidewalk. When I first saw them, I just thought somebody left their scooter unlocked and would soon ...

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Waylens Kickstarter Funds GoPro For Cars

Do you have a GoPro mounted in your car but wish it could be smarter and record the really cool moments automatically for you? What’s what the Waylens “Data Driven Automotive Camera” will do for you for $299 ($200 less ...

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