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Voss Water Bottle Needs Better Cap

After years of drinking Evian water, I’ve recently switched to Voss. The biggest reason being that Voss offers a sparking version, which I love. It has more sodium than the non-sparking version (according to the Voss website), which isn’t good for you, but it tastes great.

The only problem is the bottle cap. Is it just me or is this thing hard to open? I’ve had times when I’ve had to use tools to open the bottle. Most of the time, the tools just break the cap into pieces. I understand they don’t want the carbonation to escape so the cap has to be on tight. I get that.

But we can send rovers to Mars but we can’t make a bottle top that can be opened by regular humans? Come on Voss. Just put some grooves on top so you can put your fingers inside. It’s not rocket science.


  1. Tried the Voss at a restaurant, then picked up a box of 4 next trip to the market. Can't open a single bottle without breaking the outer cap. Great solution, hope somebody listens.

  2. Just run the cap under warm/hot water.

  3. I am stuck with 3 cases and all have caps that won't open. My 200lb husband couldn't even get one open. Never again.

  4. nothing works but running the lid area under hot water for a bit…i used a paper towel and was able to twist it off without it breaking.

  5. I've found that it's a problem on every bottle of both regular & sparkling varieties in both bottle sizes.

    When at home I just use a rubber dish glove or a work glove with a rubber/silicone palm to get a bit more friction/torque. Usually takes a few decent twists still. Haven't needed to try the hot water method but I'm sure it would help if combined with the glove. Also I make sure I crack all the bottles at once prior to putting in fridge so I don't have to get the yellow glove out every time. Lol.

    However with this knowledge in mind I definitely would avoid buying Voss while out and about otherwise you're gonna look posh but go thirsty. Lol.

  6. I am about to open restaurant and would have loved to used voss as our water but after trying I agree I am 280 lb and struggle to open them so can see waitresses having no hope

  7. Not sure if it's the correct word, but I feel so legitimized! It's my 2nd time staying at a hotel that offers a complimentary bottle of VOSS each night, and I've struggled mightily to get them open … to the point I did a google search for help!

    The warm water trick absolutely helped. Thanks!

  8. Hey, Ive been having no problems with opening the bottle and im 13! Just remember to twist it to the left! good luck 😛

  9. Thanks Tatyana! I used my timberland gloves and opened one w no problem after trying without the gloves for an hour!

  10. I'm glad this isn't just me. I searched online after trying four different bottles and just about incapacitating my hands for the night. The hot water and a silicone hot water bottle did the trick.

  11. OMG… I’m glad I’m not the only one. I am so about to throw this bottle right now!!

  12. Small back story: I recently started work in a nightclub that carries Voss. I noticed the problem right away. I strained my hand one night opening the water & it affected my basketball shot the following morning. Being a little p/oed it interfered with my game, I sent a polite email to their customer service. Wasn't expecting a reply but they did. I wanted to do some research for my response & I stumbled onto this site. I think I will attach this link in my email.

  13. We're sitting in a hotel in Paris and struggled to open our bottle of Voss too. We finally came across this site. My partner managed to get the lid off after much struggling. I don't think we'll be getting any more of this stuff!

  14. We have made water so hot, still will not budge. Husband and I have both tried to get the tops of my daughter's VOSS waters. Regular small size. I have even tried thumping the lid on our tile floor, nothing. Tried a silicon pot holder, still nothing. Ridiculous.

  15. I am so happy I found this online thread. I love Voss sparkling water. I have to have it (don’t judge) but the issue is opening it. My daughter and I thought it was us (just too weak). We have tried the hot water trick but its still difficult to open. I will try the rubber glove with the hot water in the hopes of opening it within the first 30 mins. LOL Thanks for starting this thread. I suggest we write Voss, too!

    • You have a great idea. I think we need to start some type of movement to make them fix this problem. I too like the Voss water and would like to continue drinking it but this cap problem is just crazy.

  16. I have the exact same issue opening the bottle. Thanks for the tips.

  17. Yay! I’m so glad to hear other ppl have trouble as well. I tried opening in front of my friends and they were all making funny of me cuz I couldn’t open it and then they have it a try and still nothing, so I just have it in the fridge till I figure out a way of opening it.

  18. How surprised I was to stumble upon this post after searching for “Can’t open my VOSS”… I have been trying to open the bottle for nearly 3 minutes, sweating my butt off… The warm water trick did it for me… Thanks!

  19. I am sitting here staring at my fabulous, un-opened, bottle of VOSS water… Sadly, I am thinking it's going to stay that way. 🙁

  20. Thank you for this! I have always been the person that other people come to with hard to open bottles and jars, so when I was unable to open my bottle of VOSS tonight, I practically had an identity crisis. But then I found your post, and my sense of self was restored! Stuck the bottle under my super hot bathtub faucet for about 15 seconds and it came right open. Hallelujah!

  21. I bought a 4 pack of voss still water today because I got a great deal on it. Well I stuck it in the fridge this afternoon to chill and I just went to open one and about dislocated my shoulder!!! I thought I got a bad batch or something. Sheesh!!! For the heck of it I googled tricks for opening voss water and this thread came up!! I'm so glad it's not just me!! I'm going to try the hot water trick right now and pray my wrist isn't injured tomorrow!!

  22. The cap on the ll.15 oz plastic bottle leaks on the top a smaller circle than the circumference. the grey lids the middle seems to pop out and then they leak. the manufacturer needs to redo this as I have returned to store and got a replacement, however, the same problem persist.

  23. Wow! So glad I’m not the only one. Idk if someone said this but it’s putting it in the fridge before opening it that makes it so hard. I bought one from the store and opened it on the way out and had no problem, but the ones I put in the fridge would not open at all!!!!

  24. I haven’t had the issue of having trouble opening them or leaking, but I’ve now gone through several of the smaller sparkling bottle lids. When trying to close them, not even that tightly, the smaller portion that spirals around the glass just snaps clear off the top of the larger gray plastic. I’ve sent them an email with a suggestion on fixing this portion of the lid, not really expecting anything back from them but hope they take it into consideration along with the other suggestions/complaints made. Their product (including the bottle) is otherwise superb!

  25. I wanted a glass bottle not a plastic bottle to take to work, the only place that stocks Voss in the uk with free postage is Waitrose after tearing my hands to bits ARGGGGGGGGGH!!!! lol my flatmate got all 4 open in 2 minutes to my amazement he whacked the bottom of the bottle turned them to the left & it worked & i also kept my in the fridge.

  26. After struggling all week trying to open the bottles of Voss (12.7 FL OZ glass bottle) in my hotel room minibar, I gave up and called Room Service, to ask them to come open the bottles for me. Had there been ANY other brand of sparkling water in there, I would have chosen that instead. The Room Service waitress couldn’t open them either and told me the hotel (swanky 5 star worldwide chain) are thinking of switching brand because they get so many complaints about this. Voss – take note!

    I never buy this brand from a store for the same reason. Yes, it tastes good, but that’s a moot point if you can’t get it out of the bottle.

    Again – Voss, take note!!

  27. Thanks for the tip using warm water…worked like a charm!

  28. THank you for the hot water comment. It saved my hands. lol

  29. If you buy it you are simply a fool

  30. The water is nice and all, but the bottle is great. I do worry about the cap breaking, so I’m working a on a solution to this now using a 3D printer. Other than just replicating the cap, does anyone have requests for features/improvements?

  31. I thought for sure that nothing would come up when I googled how to open a voss water!!!! I can’t believe this is such a big problem and they havnt fixed it! Thank you for the hot water trick! It worked easily! After about tearing the skin off my hand trying to open it. The rubber gloves didn’t help ether.

  32. That happened to me to I cut the rest off around the cap part then filed it down to make it smooth and now it’s perfect