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Vizio VO47L LCD HDTV Review

It’s still a year away from analog TV going to digital next year, but my little TV in my bedroom broke.  There’s no way I was going to put one more dime into a CRT, not even a tiny one.  ...

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Globat Nightmare – Part 4 Continues

After being charged for an upgrade that I didn’t want, I emailed globat and Edward to complain about it, and got the following email from globat: Dear Valued client, Thank you for contacting Globat.com. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please be advised ...

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Globat Nightmare – Part 4

They finally did it. After complaints, emails, and calls telling this company that I want to be taken off their opt-out list, they finally automatically upgraded me to a hosting account that I don’t want or need, and charged my credit ...

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Verizon Voyager Not iPhone Killer

Many blogs have posted what they claim are reviews of the Voyager but I have yet to see a real full review.  I decided to wait until I had time to really checkout this unit before opening my mouth. Let’s ...

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Cochinoman Democratic?

According to gotoquiz.com, Cochinoman looks like a Democrat.  73% Hillary Clinton 71% Barack Obama 69% Rudy Giuliani 69% Chris Dodd 68% John Edwards 68% Bill Richardson 63% John McCain 62% Joe Biden 57% Mike Gravel 56% Dennis Kucinich 56% Mitt ...

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Why Vista is So Popular

Computer users don’t seem to be flocking to switch from Windows XP to Vista. There are a lot of reasons for this.  It’s slower.  It has none of the big promised new features.  It’s not compatible to some of the ...

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iPod Vending Machine

The Glendale Galleria has a vending machine that’s similar to the Proactiv one in Century City.  My friend Sam took this picture with his cell phone and you can see that it’s basically the same robot vending machine but setup ...

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