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Eating & Drinking

Sushi, restaurants, food, drinks, and anything else that goes in your mouth.

Kiriko Sushi – Quick Review

On my first outing to Kiriko, you may have noticed that I was underwhelmed. However, I was in the area again and decided to go back to see if anything had changed since 2009. This trip, I only ordered nigiri ...

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Tsujita Artisan Noodle Quick Review

After getting tired of going to the same restaurants, I decided to checkout another new place on Sawtelle in the West J-Town area. Since the name is Tsujita Artisan Noodle, you’d expect me to order noodles but the best ones ...

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Gottsui Sawtelle Mini Review

In the same strip mall as the Blue Marlin (now closed) and Hurry Curry, there is another Japanese Okonomiyaki restaurant called Gottsui. Compared to some of the other places, this place is relatively new and has only been open for ...

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Red Bull Goes Cranberry

Red Bull is coming out with a cranberry flavored version of their energy drink called “The Red Edition.” This and other flavors are coming soon to a 7-11 near you. It basically tastes the same except for the cranberry aftertaste.

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Sushi Joint Quick Review

Glendale is not known for sushi but I decided to check out this Sushi Joint located in a strip mall. It’s easy to see that this is not an authentic Japanese sushi place, but they’re not trying to be. To ...

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Voss Water Bottle Needs Better Cap

After years of drinking Evian water, I’ve recently switched to Voss. The biggest reason being that Voss offers a sparking version, which I love. It has more sodium than the non-sparking version (according to the Voss website), which isn’t good ...

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Morinoya Japanese Restaurant Mini Review

Alas, what used to be a great noodle place called Yashima at Olympic Collection closed down because of the terrible food they were serving after the owner change. In it’s place has opened another Japanese restaurant called Morinoya. First of ...

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Honda Ya Izakaya Mini Review – Part 5

Previously, I’ve reviewed just about everything here, including the great Yakitory here. Last time I was here, I decided to try something different and ordered the cold tofu. Normally, it’s called Hiyayakko, but this was something else. As you can ...

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