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Google AdSense Lacks Real Sense

Cochinoman.com uses Google’s AdSense to serve up banner ads for this website. Recently, I got a nice little email from Google Adsense (click to see larger version): Basically, Google’s automated, and probably self-aware system, has decided that my article about ...

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Godaddy Apologizes For Outage

As you may have heard, or witnessed yourself, the entire Godaddy network was down on September 10th from 10am PST to 4pm PST, according the news reports. That means anybody that hosts their website on Godaddy (like this site) or ...

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Toyota Survey Fail

After I bought my Prius c, I got an email asking me to take a survey online. Normally, I don’t like to take surveys but since I had a good experience, I decided to take the time to fill it ...

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Drobo FS NAS Raid Review

Since 2007, I’ve been using the Buffalo NAS RAID but it finally broke down on me again, but this time for good. Frankly, I was more than ready to upgrade because I was starting to run out of space on ...

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