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iPazzPort Bluetooth Keyboard

As you may have read, I cannot get used to the on-screen keyboard on the iPhone 4. In a last ditch effort to use the iPhone, I decided to try an external physical keyboard called iPazzPort from a website China ...

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iPhone 4 vs. Palm Pre – Part 2

Last time, I compared the iPhone 4 and Palm Pre’s hardware and the iPhone 4 came out on top. However, the Palm Pre is older. So perhaps, the comparison isn’t completely fair. This time, we’ll compare Palm’s WebOS vs. iPhone’s ...

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iPhone 4 vs. Palm Pre

As you may know, I initially resisted buying the original iPhone because it did not have a physical keyboard, and I jumped on-board the Palm Pre because of the keyboard. However, when the iPhone 4 was about to come out, ...

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Logitech Illuminated Keyboard – Review

After getting my new Alienware laptop with the backlit keyboard, my desktop keyboard started looking… well… dark. I really started wishing that my desktop keyboard was backlit like my new laptop. There’s a bunch of gamer backlit keyboards available but ...

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Best Buy at Vegas Airport

People are pretty used to a lot of vending machines, including the Redbox that rents out DVDs.  A new one I saw at the Las Vegas airport was a Best Buy vending machine chock full of nice gadgets, including iPhones, ...

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Samsung 40′ LCD HDTV

After getting a new Samsung monitor for my computer recently, I decided it was time to get a new TV for my bedroom. Since I’ve already ranted at length about the problems I had getting this new TV from Best ...

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iPhone 4: First Impressions

Finally, after all the leaks and rumors, the new iPhone 4 is out and in my hands. Just about now, you’re asking: “After going to the Palm Pre and avoiding the previous iPhones, why did you get one?” Good question ...

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