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Blue Shark Poker Bifocal Sunglasses Mini Review

While playing in the LAPC at Commerce, I lost my Blue Shark sunglasses so I ordered a new one from their website. This time, I ordered the bifocal version ($169) since I’m getting old and I need reading glasses. The website allows you to select the bifocal strength. You can just make out the bifocal area near the bottom in the picture above.

Although the bifocal section works very well, I noticed that the new version of the Blue Shark reflective lens does not work as well as my old version that I lost. There is a glare that is caused by lighting from above and you  need to be wearing a baseball cap to prevent this from happening. I did not have this problem with my old version. One other thing that I noticed while using it in a tournament is when you remove the glasses, the world looks yellow for a few minutes while your eyes re-adjust.