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Jackpot Blitz Electronic Poker Table For Casinos

Canadian company Jackpot Digital recently announced the introduction of its new all-digital Jackpot Blitz poker and gaming table which simulates how players currently play. You can see in the demo video below how the poker version works. This is not the first electronic poker table, but it also allows for non-poker games to take place simultaneously.

Like online poker, the computer is the dealer so it is faster and won’t make mistakes. That’s good for the player and makes more money for the casino by dealing more hands (50 hands per hour). On the casino side, they get more financial and analytics information to help them make more money.

I’ve used another competing system and it’s novel and fun. However, I noticed that many players didn’t like it for various reasons. Some didn’t like not having chips to play with. Others didn’t like the fact that the casino (and maybe the Government) knew how much they were making.

Technically, it’s no different than playing online poker, but there are many players that don’t trust computerized poker. After well publicized cases of online poker cheating, I don’t blame these people.

Only time will tell if these systems become popular. Online poker didn’t kill live games so these tables won’t either. But it might get rid of dealers. Computers are going to be doing everything soon so why not dealing cards?