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Blue Shark - front view

Poker Sunglasses: Poker Armor vs. Blue Shark

Back in 2007, I bought poker shades a the Gaming Expo during the WSOP. Although it was better than regular sunglasses, I wasn’t very happy with them.

Then, this year at the WSOP, I found a pair of Poker Amor glasses at the WSOP store. It was better than my old ones but when I looked at their website, they had a better looking one called “Secret Agent”, so I decided to order it online from pokerarmor.com.

Poker Armor (Secret Agent) $58.95 – front view

As with the other pair from Poker Armor, the new ones are not dark, but has a reflective type coating and there’s less of it near the bottom so that you can see your cards easier.

Poker Armor – nose pads

What I don’t like about these glasses is the nose pads are small for me because I don’t have a tall nose.  I think it might be fine for people with a higher nose. Also, the lens seems to be slightly deformed and causes me to have a little problem with my vision when I wear it too long.

So I started looking for other poker glasses and found one at bluesharkoptics.com which has more expensive glasses but with more variety.

Blue Shark (John Pham Edition $139) – front view

This website will make custom poker glasses for you, including prescription glasses, and you can even send them your frame and they will make the lens reflective. After examining their available glasses, I decided on the John Pham edition because it has normal nose pads like regular sunglasses.

Blue Shark – nose pads

Also, as you can see in the photo below, the temples have a rubber strip on the inside to grip your head to prevent the glasses from slipping down.

Blue Shark – head grip on temples

These temple grips are really great for me because I tend to look down a lot when I’m waiting for the other player to make their decision. This sometimes causes my glasses to slip down and I have to keep pushing them back up. The temple grips on these glasses prevent any slippage.

The only thing that sometimes bother me is the nose pads are visible to me and sometimes are distracting. Yes, I know I just complained about the low nose pads on the old ones, and now I’m basically complaining that these are too high. I guess I’m never happy.

Otherwise, I’m happy with these new glasses but have not won any tournaments using them yet. If you don’t mind paying extra for your poker glasses, I recommend the glasses from these guys. When I win a big one, I’ll ask the Blue Shark people if they want to make the Cochinoman signature glasses.


  1. I have sent about a half dozen emails asking questions to Poker Armor over the past several weeks. For some reason they do not like to answer emails. I give then a minus in the customer service department