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Scotte Vest Hoodie For Poker

It’s almost time for the 2010 World Series of Poker. That means it’s time to update my tournament outfits. There was an ad in Bluff Magazine from Scotte Vest for a hoodie with a lot of pockets.

Scotte Vest Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece – $56 with Promo

It’s normally $70 but with the promo code “BLUFF2010”, it’s $56. It may seem a little high for a microfleece hoodie, but take a look at the pockets it comes with.

The most unusual one is a see-through pocket where you can put your iPhone, or Palm Pre in my case. You can sort of see the screen and more importantly, you can touch the screen to operate your phone. There are routes for your headphones to go through to your head so you can go to the next song without even taking your phone out of your pocket. Nice feature.

Palm Pre in clear touchable inside pocket

On the other side, there are 2 pockets that are vertical so that you can put water bottles or your drink of choice so you’re always ready to some refreshments.

Inside pocket for drinks

There are other pockets (like on your upper arm) but the one that I like are the ones on the side which you’re most likely to use. They are equipped with magnets so that they automatically close shut. It’s nicer than velcro because it’s very easy to open but you don’t have to worry about your wallet falling out after you take your hand out of your pockets.

Side pocket with magnets

After testing out my new hoodie at a few tournaments, I’m really liking this mega-pocket outfit. You may see me at the WSOP this year wearing it.


  1. That looks like an awesome hoodie… I may have to check it out. $56 isn't bad if it is high quality. The only problem is, I would probably "lose" things in the pockets….