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Sometimes I get mad. Then I get even.

Try Going Green For Real

It was time for my regular dental checkup the other day.  As I waited in the dental waiting room, I noticed the May issue of Vanity Fair on the wall. Why, it was the “green” issue.  In fact, their 3rd ...

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Globat Nightmare – Part 5

In case you missed my rants about Globat, it started here. After my email confirmation with Edward Gaa, their VP of Sales and Marketing, AND a conversation over the phone with their customer service rep, that they will no longer ...

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Globat Nightmare – Part 4 Continues

After being charged for an upgrade that I didn’t want, I emailed globat and Edward to complain about it, and got the following email from globat: Dear Valued client, Thank you for contacting Globat.com. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please be advised ...

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Globat Nightmare – Part 4

They finally did it. After complaints, emails, and calls telling this company that I want to be taken off their opt-out list, they finally automatically upgraded me to a hosting account that I don’t want or need, and charged my credit ...

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Globat Nightmare – Part 3

Yes, it’s that time again.  It’s hard to believe that one company could screw things up so badly, but it’s true.  After telling me that I’ve been taken off their opt-out promotional list, once again, I get this email in ...

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Time Warner Cable Robot

As you know, I have Time Warner cable and broadband cable for my Internet.  I also use Vonage for my landline phone via the broadband cable. For the second time this year, my cable Internet connection failed and after trying ...

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Ooma This!

How would you like free long distance phone calls with no monthly fees?  Well, the newest take on broadband VoIP is ooma, which they say will be available next month. It’s similar to the other VoIP services like Vonage, but ...

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Globat Nightmare – Part 2

Once again, more hell from globat.  This time, I get the following email from out of nowhere: On Monday of this week, we sent you an e-mail with our new GloVault(tm) product upgrade offer that also included 3 free months ...

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