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Half of a Motorola Razr Still Works

razer.jpgYou can’t really see in this dark picture but the Razr shown does not have the upper half.

The display has broken off, yet this unit still takes calls as long as you put it on speaker phone.

You can also dial out but you can’t see what number you are dialing.

Motorola should advertise this as a feature of the Razr.

“The Razr.  Break off half and keep talking.”

As a matter of fact, a company should create a cell phone that has no LCD display at all.  That should cut the cost to almost nothing.  If they could get the retail to consumer cost down to under $20, you could make this a disposable cell phone.  Who cares if you lose your phone.  Just buy a new one at 7-11 for 20 bucks.