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Sometimes I get mad. Then I get even.

Verizon Wireless Survey Fail

When I switched over to Sprint to get the Palm Pre from Verizon Wireless, the switch was painless and quick. In fact, I was surprised that Verizon didn’t try to get me to stay with some offer, like the way ...

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Sprint $25 Referral

Sprint has a friend referral program that gives you $25. Since I switched from Verizon to Sprint, I was eligible for this program. You can get full info at sprint.com/landings/refrewards/ All you have to do is follow the instructions and ...

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Palm Pre Bust

Well, it’s June 6th and no Palm Pre for me. After finding out that my grease didn’t work, I tried going directly to the Sprint store and they put me on their waiting list.  I played with the demo unit ...

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Customer Service Equilibrium

There’s probably a book that talks about this at length, but since I don’t read, I decided I’m going to write about it. Have you ever visited a restaurant on a Friday night and couldn’t get good service?  Forget good ...

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How to Hack Best Buy’s Inventory Bug

As you may know, I downgraded to the LG EnV2 because I hated the touchscreen on the Voyager. In any case, the headphone jack on the EnV2 (and probably all LG) is 2.5mm, and not the 3.5mm for normal headsets.  ...

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HP Pavilion m9450f Blows Up

You may recall my older article about having problems with my first HP Pavilion ze5470us desktop from Best Buy, that was DOA and had to be replaced.  So when I upgraded to yet to another HP Pavilion m9450f, you may ...

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Monumental Tech Epic Fail

Technology and gadgets. I love them. Recently, there was talk of software giant Microsoft buying poor Yahoo.com. Yahoo used to be the number one search engine back in the day. People used to think nobody could out-search Yahoo. How the ...

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Bush TV Stand Peels – Fail

Back when I bought the Vizio LCD HDTV, I also purchased the Bush TV stand at Best Buy (SKU 8318144) for about $180 (shown above).  It was fairly easy to put together myself, attractive, and most importantly, the price was right for ...

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Mochi on Pinkberry

My friend told me about mochi toppings at Pinkberry so I decided to try it out.  If you’re not familiar with mochi, it’s Japanese food often associated with New Years, made from glutinous rice, pounded and molded into round shaped ...

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