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Sushi, restaurants, food, drinks, and anything else that goes in your mouth.

Asuka Restaurant Review

Asuka is located in Westwood and has been at this location for probably 20 years or so because I remember going here in the 80’s.  When my cousin told me she was visiting LA with her family and wanted to ...

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Shabu Shabu Yo review

Sometimes I’m in the mood for some red meat instead of sushi.  I like the Shabu Shabu House in Little Tokyo but it’s often too crowded with a long wait.  If you don’t mind paying just a little more for ...

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Honda Ya Izakaya Review – Part 2

When the Little Tokyo branch of Honda Ya opened in 2007, I reviewed them out one week after their opening. Sometimes, restaurants get worse, while others get better. The restaurant has expanded and have taken over the area to the ...

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Zip Fusion, West Los Angeles Review

Since I tried the downtown version of Zip Fusion, I decided to try their West Los Angeles branch.  The West LA version is located in the Olympic Collections near the West Little Tokyo on Sawtelle.  Compared to the older downtown ...

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Kiriko Sushi Review

There has already been a review of Yashima Noodle in the Olympic Collections at Sawtelle (which is apparently now closed), but none of the other restaurants in the building.  Now, it’s time to checkout Kiriko, which is located on the ...

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Customer Service Equilibrium

There’s probably a book that talks about this at length, but since I don’t read, I decided I’m going to write about it. Have you ever visited a restaurant on a Friday night and couldn’t get good service?  Forget good ...

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Pinkberry Gives 10% Discount

I don’t know how long they’ve been doing this, but apparently, you can get a 10% discount on your order if the clerk likes you.  It’s called a 10% neighbor discount.  I guess that means that you have to be ...

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