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FreedomPop Offers iPad Mini

FreedomPop has previously offered hotspot free Internet, and even a smartphone with free Internet. Now, they are offering an iPad Mini for $319.99. But be careful when you are signing up or they will upsell you with a bunch of ...

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FreedomPop Adds Free 4G LTE Hotspot

FreedomPop previously offered free 3G hotspot accounts over the Sprint network, but now will start offering the Sprint 4G LTE network. As with the 3G account, they will offer 500MB per month for free but keep in mind that Sprint ...

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FreedomPop Eliminates “Active Status Fee”

One of the strange “gotchas” of the FreedomPop “free” mobile WiMax was the “active status fee” of 99 cents. Basically, if you don’t use your account, they charge you 99 cents to keep your account open. It’s counter-intuitive that they ...

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