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In the pot cooking

Shabu Shabu Yo review

Sometimes I’m in the mood for some red meat instead of sushi.  I like the Shabu Shabu House in Little Tokyo but it’s often too crowded with a long wait.  If you don’t mind paying just a little more for better quality, walk down the street half a block over to Shabu Shabu Yo.

Shabu Shabu beef - $16.95

Shabu Shabu beef – $16.95

The only problem here is they offer no parking, or validation at any parking area.  So either you have to pay for parking or find street parking.  This place used to be another Shabu Shabu place before, but they apparently went out of business and now have re-opened with new owners.  The interior has been remodeled but still offers counter service as well as table service.  The old tatami (sitting on floor) is no longer offered.

Included veggies and Udon noodles

Included veggies and Udon noodles

As you can see from the picture above. the quantity and quality of the vegatables are superior to the other place.  They also offer much more Udon noodles.  The quality of the tofu may have been slightly inferior to the other place but it’s a close call.

By the way, it was slow when I was there and the waitress was checking on me every 5 minutes. She even “cleaned” my pot during the meal, the way they do it at very expensive Shabu Shabu places.  I doubt you’ll get this level of service when they are busy but it’s a good sign, if you’ve read my customer service rant.

In the pot cooking

In the pot cooking

Another bonus here is they do not close after lunch.  They stay open straight through so you don’t have to try to get there when they open for dinner to avoid lines.

All in all, I recommend this place if you don’t mind paying just a tad more for better quality and you don’t want to feel like cattle.

Shabu Shabu Yo
356 1/2 E. 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 808-1211
Mon – Thr: 11:45am – 10pm, Fri-Sun: 11:45am – 10:30pm