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Sushi, restaurants, food, drinks, and anything else that goes in your mouth.

Hama Sushi Review

Hama Sushi is located in the Japanese Village in Little Tokyo on 2nd Street.  This is a very busy area so you might forget about street parking and just go straight to the parking structure on Central. Like Komasa Sushi ...

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Zip Fusion Re-review – Part 2

Last time I visited this restaurant, I didn’t have much sushi because this a “Fusion” place, as the name implies.  But since this is a sushi review blog, I decided that this time, I’ll order more sushi. For my main ...

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Komasa Sushi Review

Komasa Sushi is located in the Japanese Village in Little Tokyo on 2nd Street.  You can park in the large parking structure on Central.  This is one of the smallest Sushi restaurants in this area, but that doesn’t stop them ...

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Oomasa Sushi Review

Oomasa is located in the Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo, so park in the big structure off Central.  This place has been around a while and used to be open until 3am on weekends, but no longer.  After clubbing ...

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Yamato Westwood Sushi Review

What used to be a bank, then a clothing store, then Euro Chow, is now a chain Japanese restaurant in Westwood Village called Yamato Westwood.  The building is located in a triangular corner and with steps leading up to it, ...

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Mochi on Pinkberry

My friend told me about mochi toppings at Pinkberry so I decided to try it out.  If you’re not familiar with mochi, it’s Japanese food often associated with New Years, made from glutinous rice, pounded and molded into round shaped ...

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Takushi Sushi Review

Takushi is a new sushi restaurant that replaced what used to be another older sushi restaurant in Little Tokyo. The interior has been spruced up and looks a little nicer.  I tried their top-end nigiri sushi plate (shown above). Although, ...

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How to Get Pinkberry Tax Free

Everywhere I go, people seem to be talking about Pinkberry. I’m not a big yogurt fan but since they seem to be multiplying like rabbits, I decided to try it out. As yogurt goes, it’s very tasty and I can ...

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Shojin Japanese Vegan Restaurant Review

A new vegan restaurant called Shojin has opened in the Little Tokyo Shopping Mall on Alameda in downtown.  They are located on the 3rd floor of the building so you’ll never accidentally find it by driving by.  The actual name of the restaurant includes “Organic & ...

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