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Sometimes I get mad. Then I get even.

Bad Computer Karma Follows Me

In case you doubt my ability to crash any computer, simply by being near it, take a look at what happened at the Amazon Hub Locker location. Then I left Amazon and went to eat at Sugarfish. In case you’re ...

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How To Travel With Only a Smartphone

It’s been 2 years since I’ve gone anywhere on an airplane. I wanted to find out what the current state of tech was when traveling by only using a smartphone, without a laptop or computer. First, I downloaded the Southwest ...

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Blue Screen of Death Follows Me to 7-11

Lately, I’ve been having problems with my laptop not working properly with WiFi. For some reason, sometimes, I can only access Google and Youtube but not any other websites, but only with WiFi. I’m still trying to figure this one ...

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“Breathe Right Extra” Defective

For many years, I’ve been using the Breathe Right product to improve my breathing during sleep with great success. It helps me breathe better and get a good nights rest so I am married to this product. Recently, I’ve gotten a ...

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New Android Gmail 4.5 Removes Delete

For some unknown reason, Google has decided to “update” Gmail on Android by removing the Delete icon at the bottom when you are reading your email. You have to touch the “Menu” option to get a pop-up, which includes “Delete” ...

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