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"Sleep with pigs and wake up with mud on your face."

How To Prepare for WSOP 2019

In past years, I’ve always reported about the WSOP after the fact. This year, I’ve decided to write about the preparation and anticipation of going to the WSOP instead. Make Hotel and Flight Reservations Early There is no reason to ...

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Ring Intros Door View Cam

Ring is best known for their doorbell camera, promoted on “Shark Tank,” and now owned by Amazon. Now they are ready to introduce a door camera that replaces your door peephole. Ring is not the first one to think this ...

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Spin Scooter For Free

If it wasn’t already an incredibly crowded market for e-scooters, one more has decided to enter the Los Angeles market from San Francisco. The only small difference is, this one was bought by Ford Motor Company. As far as I ...

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Lyft Joins E-Scooter War

Of course, with Uber buying Jump, it was only a matter of time before Lyft joined the e-scooter war, along with everybody else and their brothers. Unlike Bird and Lime, Jump and Lyft combine their e-scooter/e-bike apps with their ride ...

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Uber Jump E-Bike Review

The proliferation of E-scooters has been astonishing in Los Angeles. Now, that those are getting to be old news, it seems E-Bikes are the new hot spot. Of course, Uber is in this market with their Uber Jump E-Bikes. Just ...

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Wheels E-Bike Rolls Out In LA

E-Scooter companies seem to be exploding with the likes of Uber Jump, Lyft, Lime and Bird all trying to get your last mile rides. Now comes something slightly different from a company in West Hollywood started by the people from ...

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