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"Sleep with pigs and wake up with mud on your face."

Spin Scooter For Free

If it wasn’t already an incredibly crowded market for e-scooters, one more has decided to enter the Los Angeles market from San Francisco. The only small difference is, this one was bought by Ford Motor Company. As far as I ...

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Lyft Joins E-Scooter War

Of course, with Uber buying Jump, it was only a matter of time before Lyft joined the e-scooter war, along with everybody else and their brothers. Unlike Bird and Lime, Jump and Lyft combine their e-scooter/e-bike apps with their ride ...

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Uber Jump E-Bike Review

The proliferation of E-scooters has been astonishing in Los Angeles. Now, that those are getting to be old news, it seems E-Bikes are the new hot spot. Of course, Uber is in this market with their Uber Jump E-Bikes. Just ...

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Wheels E-Bike Rolls Out In LA

E-Scooter companies seem to be exploding with the likes of Uber Jump, Lyft, Lime and Bird all trying to get your last mile rides. Now comes something slightly different from a company in West Hollywood started by the people from ...

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Uber Jumps Into E-Scooters

Just 8 months ago, I wondered if Bird was the new Uber. Well, Uber has now launched their own e-scooter competitor called Jump. But don’t go “jumping” into it yet. It’s only available in the West Side of Los Angeles ...

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Chase Adds Cardless ATMs Too

Interestingly, just as Bank of America finally rolls out their 2 year old cardless ATMs, Chase rolls out their version as well. Sorry Chase. I just switched my default account to Bank of America. You should have told me to hold ...

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