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Google Intros Google Wallet Card

Not wanting to have their customers left out at retail stores that do not accept the Google Wallet NFC powered smartphone app, Google has now introduced a regular physical credit card. This will allow Google Wallet users to use their ...

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How To Speed Up Firefox Browser

Recently, my Firefox browser was acting very sluggish and I was considering uninstalling and re-installing it. However, I found out that you can reset Firefox without losing your saved information. To do so, click on the Firefox pull down at ...

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MasterPass Challenges Paypal

Many companies are trying to one-up each other over virtual payment systems, with Paypal, Google Wallet, and everybody else trying to shove their way in. It’s no surprise that earlier this year, MasterCard has entered this crowded arena with their ...

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Belly Loyalty Rewards Come to 7-11

Belly is yet another new loyalty rewards program that works on your smartphone via an app on iOS and Android. This allows the participating business to keep track of their customers and the customers get free stuff. Although Bell’s website ...

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PhotoSwipe Adds Photo Gallery For Free

Have you ever had a project that required a nice photo gallery display for multi-platforms including mobile phones? Well, you are in luck. Take a look at Photoswipe.com. Did I mention it allows you to browser the pictures by swiping ...

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