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Eating & Drinking

Sushi, restaurants, food, drinks, and anything else that goes in your mouth.

Genki Sushi in Honolulu Review

While in Hawaii, I decided to try out a chain sushi place called Genki Sushi. This place has the conveyor belt system like they have at the Frying Fish in Los Angeles. In case you’re not familiar with this system, ...

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Rokkaku in Honolulu Review

While in Honolulu, I decided to try an upscale Japanese Restaurant located in the Ala Moana mall called Rokkaku. Although this restaurant uses authentic ingredients, the dishes are not old school traditional dishes by any stretch of the imagination. Since ...

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B.A.D. Sushi Mini Review

Back in the day, I used to go to Terried Sake House on Santa Monica Blvd. But over the years, I stopped going there but they had some authentic Japanese food for very reasonable prices. Fast forward to July of ...

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Let’s Party Crab?

This Japanese product is actually called “Let’s Party” and is a package of roasted crabs. No, not small parts of crabs. The whole thing, including the pinchers and legs. They are covered with Sesame seeds and glazed with a sweet ...

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Hamada in Vegas Review

After being fully burned at BarMasa at Aria, I was over with the over-priced Asian-fusion crap and decided to checkout something more traditional. I inquired about a traditional Japanese restaurant that a local would go to and was told to ...

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