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Larger than Brentwood

Sugarfish Downtown Mini Review

After trying out the Brentwood Sugarfish many times, I decided to see how the Downtown version was.

The 7th street location is not great in my opinion as far as parking. There is no street parking and the lot that they use is around the corner and multi-story so you it can take a bit of walking to get to the actual restaurant. Of course, this is coming from the laziest man on earth.

As you can see below, the restaurant is airy with high ceilings and the windows allow you to see out to 7th street where you will see people waiting for the MTA bus since the bus stop is right in front. Most of them are probably looking back wondering why you would pay so much for some uncooked fish.

We ordered the Nozawa as per usual to see how consistent the quality would be between the different branches. To my pleasant surprise, the quality was very high and identical to the Brentwood branch. It’s amazing that they can get things to be so consistent.


However, one thing that wasn’t consistent was unlike the Brentwood branch, the waiter here DID ask me if I wanted more hot tea. Apparently, it’s not the chains policy to purposely not ask.

All in all, this branch is just as good as the Brentwood branch and I will be coming back here.

SUGARFISH Downtown Los Angeles
600 W 7th Street, Suite 150
Los Angeles, CA 90017