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Kabuki Restaurant Pasadena Review

On one of my outings to old town Pasadena, I decided to try out Kabuki for their sushi. This place kind of as a party atmosphere and their menu proves that with a long list of sake and other alcoholic beverages. I’ve never been here before but this is now a big chain. I have been to the original one on Foothill in Pasadena many years ago but this one is a newer branch.

For my sushi, I decided to go the easy route and got the Omakase Deluxe for $17 as shown. “Omakase” in Japanese means that they choose what you get but according to the menu, I think it’s always the same.

The sushi is prepared properly and is fresh. You get a lot for your  money and is definitely a bargain, especially in old town Pasadena. The menu also includes ramen, soba and a lot of other goodies to try out. Unfortunately, hot green tea is not free here but the food is still pretty good.

All in all, if you want to drink, and have some good sushi, this is a good pick.

88 W. Colorado Blvd. #103, Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 568-9310


  1. I remember we went here before many years ago. You might remember we ran into a friend of yours and her boyfriend. I think it was the same friend who is now in a band… If I recall, we went here for dinner before a shoot down the block.

    • Whoops. Thanks for catching that error. They have 2 in Pasadena and this review is for the one in old town Pasadena. I corrected the error in the review. We did go to the other one in Pasadena many years ago. Wow. Time really flies.

  2. Oh, right… I missed that this was a second branch (or maybe that is part of your rewrite). We are becoming a couple of old dudes. Next time I see you it will be like, "You're cochinoman? I thought I was cochinoman!" The sad thing is, we'll both say it. ;^)