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20% Discount

Curry House 20% Discount

The Curry House in Little Tokyo has had a 20% discount on all spaghetti dishes for about 2 weeks but they’ve kept it pretty quiet and nobody seems to know about it. I found out about it by accident and ask how long this deal was going to be going on, and nobody seems to know.

What’s the point of having a secret discount sale? I guess that’s some type of Japanese secret marketing technique that I’m not familiar with.

Update 6/2011:
About a month later, I found out what the real reason was for this discount. According to one of the waitresses, because of the earthquake disaster in Japan, all food items are being tested for radiation before the shipments are allowed to enter the US. This has caused a long delay in shipping the curry from Japan and so there is a curry shortage. To alleviate this problem, they are offering this discount to get people to not order curry.

Curry House
123 S. Onizuka St. #204, Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 620-0855