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Poker, gambling, lotto, Las Vegas and anything else where you can lose a lot of money.

Pocket Rockets Takes and Gives

A friend of mine invited me to a private poker tournament party in Laguna Hills where there were going to be a bunch of novice players.  That, plus the fact that there would be strippers dancing got me to go.  ...

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Casino Cards Multiply Like Rabbits

Everybody and his brother’s casino has some type of players’ card or VIP card.  When each casino starts having yet another card for their computerized table, this is really going to be rediculous.  It’s already got my wallet stuffed to ...

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Hustler’s Fastdeal Poker Too Fast?

Hustler Casino now has one of those computerized poker tables called “Fastdeal Poker.” For now, it’s a $25 (or $60 or $100) Sit-N-Go table with 10 players.  Here’s how it works.  First, you need to get one of these Fastdeal ...

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WSOP 2007 – Day 3

Well, here is my account of day 3 at the World Series of Poker, 2007 at the Rio in Las Vegas. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep very well and got up before the wake-up call. As per usual, I ...

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WSOP 2007 – Day 2

Yesterday was day 2B of the World Series of Poker main event, which was day 1C and 1D combined.  My account of what happened follows. Well, I’m starting the day with only 32,300 in chips. The average is supposed to ...

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Late Night Poker at the MGM

While I wait for the 2007 WSOP day 2 event, I’ve been playing at the MGM. At the 2-5 no limit tables, there’s been at least 1 WSOP player, and as many as 4 on one table. So it’s no ...

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WSOP 2007 – Day 1

As per my plan, I had pre-ordered my breakfast room service which came right on time. Took my shower, ate breakfast, watched a little CNN, then went downstairs to the tournament. I timed the walk and it’s about 7 minutes, ...

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Gaming Life Expo 2007 – Part 2

Back again for day 2 of the Gaming Life Expo to see pro poker players. Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized picture. First pictures is of 10 time WSOP bracelet winner Johnny Chan signing autographs. During his break ...

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