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Check in the Dark at Hustler

During one tournament at the Hustler, early in the tournament, the guy to my left was a jokster type and when I was the small blind, said to me, “Let’s just limp in blind and check blind all the way.”  The blinds were still only 25-50 (I think) so I agreed.  No biggie.  2 people limped in and I called the big blind without looking at my cards.  The guy in the big blind checked without looking, and we both checked blind before the flop.

The flop was 4, 4, 5 with 2 clubs.  The other 2 guys also checked.  I blind checked the turn, as did the big blind guy.  The turn was a Queen.  The 2 guys also checked.  Me and the big blind once again blind checked the river.

The river was a small club, making a possible flush out there.  The first of the 2 guys checked.  Then the last guy bet 300 into a 200 pot.  Now, I tell the big blind guy that I have to look at my cards.  I take a peek and I have 4, 5.  I flopped a FULL HOUSE!

I think for a second, and I min raised to 600.  The big blind folds, and the other guy folds, and back to the original better.  He thinks for a bit and goes all in for about 5,000.  I insta-call and show my full house.  The guy rivered an Ace high club flush and decided to go crazy.

What a weird hand that turned out to be.  In hind sight, if I had looked at my hand, I don’t think the guy would have gone crazy like that.  I think the blind checking confused him when I finally came out raising him.  Whatever the reason, this influx of chips helped me get to 5th place in the tournament.