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Gripes About Myspace

Well, once again, I’ve learned a little more about myspace.  I’ve noticed there seems to be a lot of weird minor bugs where sometimes the same link will work and other times it will give an error message.  By just pressing back, then repeating the link will cause it to work.  Weird.  It’s amazing such a big site has so many little bugs.

I tried to use the function to check my email address book against the entire myspace website list.  It almost worked except you get an error near the end.  So instead, after I got my list of people who have myspace accounts, I had to manually add each person as friends.  The automated method gives a weird error message.  Out of something like 350 people in my address book, 47 or so had myspace accounts.  Pretty amazing how popular this website is.

Now I’m actually trying to really use myspace.  For the first time, I’m trying to use it at 3-4pm PST and it is slower than dial-up, not to mention I get timeout related errors, JPGs not displaying and other weird traffic related (I assume) problems.  It’s borderline unusable.

I predict that if they don’t fix this soon, somebody else is going to do them in, like myspace did to frendster.