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Alexa Controlled Sengled Smart LED Bulb Quick Review

There are tons of “smart” home products that you can buy these days. Personally, I have so many, sometimes I forget I have them. It’s basically at a point where everything new I buy has to be “smart.”

More often than not, it’s a pain to setup some of these “smart” devices. I’ve had items where I had to contact support and upload new firmware, re-configure my WiFi router and basically become a I.T. tech expert just to do the installation.

Here’s something new. The Sengled Smart LED light bulb from Amazon comes pre-configured for your Alexa. I was very skeptical because I’ve ordered so many things that claimed to be easy to setup, only to find out they were lying.

When you order this bulb, there is a check-mark for “Configure for your Alexa” or something like that. I checked the box and waited an entire day for the delivery. Once you get the bulb, take the bulb out, plug it in, go to your Alexa app and go to the Menu at the bottom right (see left image below).

Next, “Add a Device” followed by “Light” and see the Sengled in the next screen. Pick it and you are set. The light bulb comes to you already setup with your WiFi password. I don’t know if I should be happy about how easy it was, or completely creeped out that Amazon can do that. Probably, both.

In case you’re wondering, it’s bight and you can make it warm white or any RGB color you want.

I just recently bought a desk lamp and it took me hours to get it to work. Frankly, I wish I could order everything pre-configured out of the box. If you are looking for a RGB LED bulb, and you have Alexa, get this from Amazon. No-brainer.