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Jackpot at Hustler

Finally got a table share of a Jackpot at the Hustler. It’s been a long time coming. AK vs. QQ and the flop was AA6. I asked the dealer for an A on the turn and got it. Nice. Update: ...

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Hustler Hollywood Payout

In case you’re not familiar with the rewards program at the Hustler Casino, basically, they keep track of each hour of your play and you get points for rewards.  You can either get free food, a coupon for the in-casino ...

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Check in the Dark at Hustler

During one tournament at the Hustler, early in the tournament, the guy to my left was a jokster type and when I was the small blind, said to me, “Let’s just limp in blind and check blind all the way.”  ...

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Pocket Rockets Takes and Gives

A friend of mine invited me to a private poker tournament party in Laguna Hills where there were going to be a bunch of novice players.  That, plus the fact that there would be strippers dancing got me to go.  ...

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Casino Cards Multiply Like Rabbits

Everybody and his brother’s casino has some type of players’ card or VIP card.  When each casino starts having yet another card for their computerized table, this is really going to be rediculous.  It’s already got my wallet stuffed to ...

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Hustler’s Fastdeal Poker Too Fast?

Hustler Casino now has one of those computerized poker tables called “Fastdeal Poker.” For now, it’s a $25 (or $60 or $100) Sit-N-Go table with 10 players.  Here’s how it works.  First, you need to get one of these Fastdeal ...

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