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Tsurumaru Udon Honpo Review

In my last quick review, I never mentioned that the Udon is actually made fresh here. I don’t mean they just cook it in front of you, I mean they make the actual Udon here. In case you don’t believe ...

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Curry Udon at the Cury House

If you like noodles (especially Udon) and curry, like I do, then it’s only natural that you try the Cury Udon at curry house.  Mmmmm.  It doesn’t get much better than this. Curry House 123 S. Onizuka St. #204, Los ...

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Yashima Noodle Heaven

This noodle house called Yashima is in the “West Little Tokyo” area on Sawtelle and used to be called Mishima, which moved to Wilshire (then eventually closed that branch). If you like Udon or Soba, I highly recommend this place. ...

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