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Palm Pre Bus Ad

According to Gartner, at the end of 2009, Palm WebOS still has only 0.7% of the global smartphone market. In the same 1 year period, iPhone went from 8.2% to 14.4%, Google Android from 0.5% to 3.9% and RIM went ...

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Downgrading to the LG EnV2

  After using the LG Voyager (left) for several months, I got sick of the touch screen and so I decided to “downgrade” to the LG EnV2 (right).  Basically, the EnV2 is a smaller cooler looking version of the LG ...

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Verizon Voyager Not iPhone Killer

Many blogs have posted what they claim are reviews of the Voyager but I have yet to see a real full review.  I decided to wait until I had time to really checkout this unit before opening my mouth. Let’s ...

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