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Aizen Udon Quick Review

If my memory serves me correctly, I think this restaurant opened right before the pandemic or right as the pandemic was starting. So for various reasons, I never got a chance to check it out. I finally went out of my way to go here in hopes of finding a new gem. Although there is ample garage parking in the building containing the restaurant, they do not validate so you will have to pay.

The interior is clean and modern, and yet somehow they have managed to keep the Japanese feeling inside.

I wanted to try out as many of the appetizers as possible so I picked the option for any 3 from the menu for $15. I picked Miso Picked Cucumber ($3 right), Oyster Ponzu ($5 left) and Blue Fin Tuna w/Kimchi ($8 middle top). The Oyster and Tuna were excellent but the cucumber was a little on the bland side. I’m more used to a strong vinegar taste in Japanese cucumbers. There are tons of other appetizers to try.

Up next, Ebi Chawanmuchi ($7.50) to get me ready for the Udon. For the most part, the Chawanmuchi was pretty much as expected. If I want to be super picky, it was a tiny bit thin and watery but I would order it again.

Finally, I ordered the Tempura Udon ($18) for my main course. I chose this one instead of the more exotic ones they have so that it would be easier to compare to other Udon places. The broth and tempura were as expected but the Udon was barely acceptable. It appears that they use frozen or at the minimum, refrigerated Udon for their main dish. It’s very disappointing that a restaurant with the word “Udon” in it’s name would not have wonderful Udon. This reminds me of a spaghetti restaurant in Westwood with the words “Meat Balls” in it’s name that has great pasta but horrible meat balls.

I really wanted to find a new place I loved to return to. Ironically, the only thing that I was disappointed with here was the Udon. I would return here to order anything else except for the Udon. For Udon, I recommend Marugame Monzo on 1st Street instead.

Aiden Udon
232 East 2nd Street Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90012