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WSOP 2018 Wrap Up & Rio Re-Re-Review

Once again, it’s that time for all poker players: The WSOP 2018 at the Rio in Las Vegas. Like last year, you were able to register and pay online to speed up the process. Once at the Rio, you still ...

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2014 WSOP Wrap Up & Rio Re-Review

As you may have noticed, I skipped the 2013 WSOP, but did manage to make it out for 2014. Unfortunately, I didn’t satty my way into the main event and didn’t cash in any of the smaller events. All in ...

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Bicycle Stars and Stripes Championship Event

Since I didn’t win my way in to the 2009 WSOP main event this year (again), I decided to try the Stars and Stripes Championship event at the Bicycle Casino for $1070.  I waited until there were a couple of ...

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Deep Stack Tournaments at the Hustler

What I liked about the WSOP main event was the deep stack of 20,000 in starting chips.  It really allows for some “real” play and not an all-in fest after 2 rounds.  Back in the day at Caribe, they used ...

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Bicycle Tournament

Yet another tournament to try at the Bicycle last Saturday. Since it was the day after the big iPhone release, I talked to a few people with brand new iPhones. The buy-in was $120 (including fees) and there were about ...

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Hawaiian Gardens Tournament

A few weeks ago, I went to a poker tournament at Hawaiian Gardens which was a $340 buy-in with no rebuys. I don’t normally play there but I like this particular tournament because you start with 3,000 chips and there’s no ...

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