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IE 7 – Quick Review


Downloaded the new MS IE7 to check it out.

Like Firefox, it has tabs on top for multiple windows inside one version of the app.  You can even get a “summary” type page with thumbnail views of all the tabbed pages.

RSS feed reader. Simple version but at least they put something in.

More compliant to standards.

Bugs. If you open too many tabs with complicated websites, it will crash. Don’t try to open up too many Youtube pages in tabs.

Unfortunately, like Firefox, being compliant to standards mean that some websites that are not compliant do not work properly.  In the past, I would switch back to IE6 from Firefox when pages did not work properly.  Now, what?

Can’t move the toolbars anywhere you want.  You can move them a little but they prevent you from moving all of it.

Did I mention the bugs?