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Google Apps with Webmail

Google appsAs if google didn’t already have just about everything under the sun, they now have business applications (like spreadsheets, word processing) online for free.

Moreover, they allow each person in the business to have their own webmail and POP email address using their own domain name. Yes, it’s all free.

They have instructions at google.com/a on how to setup your email. Each email address has 2Gigs of space. You have to have access to your CNAME record and be able to modify it to be able to use this feature. You can still pick up your email via a POP app like Outlook, as well as get your email on the road via their webmail interface.

The webmail interface looks pretty much identical to the regular google mail interface. I signed up for it for this website and it seems to work just fine.

So let’s see. You get free webmail and POP mail, using your own domain name… for free. Hmmm. That’s what I love about the Internet.