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Nigiri sushi combo - $19.99

Zip Fusion, West Los Angeles Review

Since I tried the downtown version of Zip Fusion, I decided to try their West Los Angeles branch.  The West LA version is located in the Olympic Collections near the West Little Tokyo on Sawtelle.  Compared to the older downtown branch, this one is in a nice clean spot and looks a lot more “fusion,” inside and out.

Bento w/ Salmon - $12.99

Bento w/ Salmon – $12.99

My friend ordered the Bento, with Salmon, which also comes with some Nigiri sushi and Gyoza.  You get a lot of food for your money.

Nigiri sushi combo - $19.99

Nigiri sushi combo – $19.99

To compare the branches, I ordered the Nigiri sushi combo, which is what I ordered at the downtown branch on my second trip.  As you can see, the layout is different and you get more Nigiri without any rolls.  The rice was not as microscopic as the downtown version, but it was still smaller than normal.  However, the fish was fresh and I rate it good.

As with the downtown branch, hot green tea is not free.  Of course, I knew that going in this time.  This is not the place for authentic old style Japaense food. Come here for some unusual sushi rolls, and Asian fusion food.  For authentic Japanese food, try elsewhere.

Zip Fusion (West Los Angeles)
11301 W. Olympic Blvd #116
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 575-3636
Monday – Friday: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Sunday – Wednesday: 5:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Thursday – Saturday: 5:00 pm to 1:30 am

This place is closed.