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Seidio Battery for Palm Pre Review

When I read on Engadget that Seidio, a Houston cell phone accessories company, had a Palm Pre battery with about 20% more capacity, I decided to check it out. Upon ordering it online, I got it in the mail in just a few days. The battery is the exact same size as the original Palm battery.

Although I have not done any scientific testing of this new battery, after using it for about a week, I can say that with my general use, it seems to last a little longer. It’s not a dramatic increase but I do notice that there is a little more power left at the end of the day.  However, I have to add that I’ve also learned some tricks on saving power (e.g. closing unused applications) so it’s very hard to measure the actual difference.  If nothing else, I now have an extra backup battery in case the power goes down to zero.


One strange thing that was included with the battery was the instructions as shown above. It tells you to charge the battery before inserting it into the phone. However, I don’t have an external bettery charger so there was no other way to charge the battery.  Maybe this is a marketing trick to try to get you to buy their external battery charger.