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Sprint Starts Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Orders

As other carriers roll out the Samsung S4 pre-orders, so does Sprint, starting today. If you are already with Sprint, you can grab one for $249.99 with an extension of your contract for 2 more years. If you are moving to Sprint, you get another $100 off that price.

After placing my order, I looked online to see how my order was doing and saw that I needed to call Sprint customer service. I assume this was because my mailing address was different from my home address so they wanted to make sure I wasn’t an identity thief. When they asked me when I opened my Sprint account, I couldn’t remember. I almost had to look on this blog to figure it out but they let me slide by asking me other questions.


After the grilling, I got this email above, which says, “If you pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB, we’ll do our best to get it to you by April 27.” Anytime somebody says, “I’ll do my best,” they already know they can’t do it. We’ll see what their “best” really means in a week or so.