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Keyport Slide 2.0 Keychain

With all the talk about smart locks lately, we forget that most people still carry traditional keys, and it takes up space and looks like crap. If you want to look like you’re from Blade Runner instead, checkout what a Las Vegas company has designed called Keyport.

They’ve just recently used Kickstarter to move their product to version 2.0, which still uses the same key blades as their version 1.0 but is cheaper, lighter, stronger and comes in more colors.

The only downside is actually getting your keys to fit in this contraption. For non-standard keys, you have to send them a high resolution picture of your key and they will send you a blank for it, which you would then have to have copied. Also, for a “keychain,” the $100+ price tag may be a little too rich for some people. But coolness costs.