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Volvo Autonomous Parking Concept Car

Volvo recently announced their autonomous parking concept car, which is their first step to their autonomous driving car they plan on having by 2020. Ford already has their parking assist cars in production, but this takes it one step further because the driver is not inside the car. Take a look at this video:

This car basically eliminates the need for valet parking personnel because the driver gets out of the car in front of the venue, and the car will park itself, then return to the designated pickup area when the driver comes back out.

It will be interesting to see this in action when there are lines of people wanting to get their cars when a very large venue ends and thousands of people come out all at once.

If you extrapolate into the future, you can see that all manual labor like valet parking, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, waiter, busboy, and the like will all be eliminated by robots. Then the robots will manufacture and repair themselves, then become self-aware. Good luck to us humans.