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KazuNori Hand Roll Bar Adds New Items

Last summer, I became a regular of the KazuNori Hand Roll bar in downtown Los Angeles (full review). Recently, they added 2 new items, which are not yet on the menu.

The first one is a Mentaiko and Yam (see below) for $4.25. The Yam is a mountain potato that is normally grated into what is called Tororo in Japanese. However, this hand roll has a long strip that is not grated inside. It almost tastes like a unflavored fruit and is a little crunchy. Personally, I love Tororo, but the un-grated version was not to my liking.

kazunori yam

The second roll is a Shrimp roll ($4.25) that is a lot like the crab roll and almost tastes the same. If you like the crab roll or lobster roll, you will certainly like this roll.

kazunori shrimp

It’s nice that they are trying out new items but we will have to see if these end up on their permanent menu or not.

421 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Take Out: (213) 493-6956