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Hide Sushi Review

For years, I drove past Hide Sushi (pronounced He-De) on my way to the other sushi places nearby on Sawtelle in West LA. I finally decided it was time to check it out. There was a line of people waiting for a seat, and then I remembered why I never came here before.

This place looks like it has not been updated since the 80’s and needs a facelift badly. The tables are very close together and the acoustics makes it very noisy when it’s busy. To be safe, to get started, I ordered their Nigiri sushi combination ($13.40). As you can see below, you get a nice variety of nigiri but I have to say that although it was prepared properly, some of the items were not as fresh as I would expect, even at the low price. Frankly, I’d rather pay more and get better quality.

hide nigiri

After the combo, I ordered a Ume-shiso maki ($3.40 – not shown) and Unagi ($5.80 – shown below) and both were good but the Unagi pieces were a little smaller than what I’m used to.

hide unagi

Next we tried a some scallops which was a good choice.

hide scalops

All in all, the restaurant itself needs some work, and so does their sushi. However, the price is on the lower side so if you are on a budget, this might be the place for you. But with so many great sushi places in LA, there’s no reason to come here and wait in line.

Hide Sushi
2040 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Hours: Sun 11:30am – 8pm, Mon closed, Tue – Sat 11:30am – 9pm