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Sushi Go 55 – or Faster Review

Chirashi Jyu Sushi Box (Ta-ke) $18.95

Chirashi Jyu Sushi Box (Ta-ke) $18.95

Found this gem of a sushi restaurant inside of the Little Tokyo Shopping Mall on Alameda between 2nd and 3rd Street. It’s a 3 story mall with a bunch of stores and restaurants inside. It’s not likely that you would accidentally find this place unless you were already shopping in the mall.

If you like authentic Japanese food, including real sushi, as opposed to some type of new fusion roll, this is the place to check out. If you look on their website, you’ll see the owners have a long background with Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles. In any case, their sushi chefs are one of the best ones I’ve come across, and they make great nigiri sushi.

The Chirashi box that I got on this trip comes in a double decker deep dish and the bottom one contains sushi rice and the top has the sashimi.  Hmmm.  All the dinners come with miso soup, pickles and other stuff, and as with other authentic Japanese restaurants, the hot green tea is free.

I’ve tried almost all the dinners here and I can recommend all of them, including the Una-Ju (eel bowl), and grilled salmon.  Delish.

Sushi Go 55 Restaurant
333 S. Alameda St. #312, Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 687-0777
Monday – Friday: 11:15am – 2:15pm Lunch, 5:30pm – 10pm Dinner
Saturday: 11:30am – 2:30pm Lunch, 5pm – 10pm Dinner
Sunday: Closed

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